The Upper Cape Chaplaincy

The Ministry of Presence

Our mission is to provide quality, professional chaplaincy services to health care institutions and other outreach ministries of Upper Cape Cod in an ecumenical and interfaith manner. ​​

An Interfaith Ministry

Chaplains serve beyond the walls of the church. They are invited to listen to churched and unchurched people who are hurting, turning challenging moments into times of hope. Our chaplains serve patients of all faiths and denominations. With patient permission, they will also contact the clergy of a patient's home community.

How We Serve

Patient and resident visitation is the primary task for our chaplains. However, a ministry of presence extends beyond a hospital room visit.

  • Family Support
  • Staff Support
  • Ministry in Grief
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Where We Serve

The Upper Cape Chaplaincy works with residents, patients, families, and staff at local healthcare facilities.

  • Falmouth Hospital
  • JML Care Center
  • Royal Falmouth Nursing and Rehabilitation Center