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Our mission is to provide quality, professional chaplaincy services to health care institutions and other outreach ministries of Upper Cape Cod.

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Spring 2023 Appeal Letter

Upper Cape Chaplaincy

Box 482

East Falmouth, MA 02536

Spring, 2023

Dear Friends,

Each day chaplains from the Upper Cape Chaplaincy visit patients, their families and staff at Falmouth Hospital (FH). The Reverends Saramaria Allenby, Manny Aran, and Ed Farrell-Starbuck serve on a rotating schedule. Reverend Jim Schutter who serves JML Care Center also does per diem work at Falmouth Hospital. The Upper Cape Chaplaincy has served the hospital and other Upper Cape healthcare facilities since 1998.

A recent patient at the hospital shares their experience:

“It was my first time as a patient in the ER and ICU at Falmouth Hospital. I was frightened and feeling vulnerable. When a hospital chaplain stopped by in the ICU, he prayed for healing which comforted and calmed me. I learned later that another chaplain paused earlier outside the ER and she silently prayed for me as well. I am so grateful that the hospital offers this compassionate and spiritual care.” A.L., Falmouth

The Chaplaincy is in its third year of an austerity budget from Cape Cod Healthcare’s Falmouth Hospital. The repercussions of COVID have severely limited hospitals’ budgets across this country and Falmouth is no exception. Cape Cod Healthcare’s chaplaincy budget only allows for about half of what the UCC Board feels is a basic level of service for a hospital pastoral care program. Thus, the Board is currently subsidizing 50% of the cost of our services at FH with our own limited funds.

We are asking you, our individual members of the faith community, to help us ensure that our highly qualified professional chaplains can serve our Upper Cape healthcare facilities in their fullest capacity possible. They provide spiritual and emotional support in an interfaith and ecumenical manner to patients, their families and especially hardworking staff.

Would you please consider a donation to further foster the chaplains’ vital work for people who may be experiencing a painful and stressful health challenge?

Thank you for consideration of this appeal.

Wishing you health and peace,

The Board of the Upper Cape Chaplaincy: Ann Stone, President; Kristin Fraser, Vice President; Donna Fish, Treasurer; Donald Johnson, Asst Treasurer; Ann Loos, Recording Secretary; Carolyn Belmore, Corresponding Secretary, Kathy Johnson, Investment Advisor. Members-at-Large: Rev. Ruth Blais, Cathy Holmes, Richard MacKenzie, Marsha Martin, Cynthia Pina.